Poway Unified School District

Our Role

Develop Energy Master Plan for Poway USD, including the identification and evaluation of existing systems and future renewable energy and energy commodity procurement opportunities.


In keeping with the district’s vision of “creating culture and conditions to empower world-class learners”, the Energy Master Plan provides the technical detail that expands on the Facility Master Plan and the Facility Condition Assessment, providing insight into the near-term facility needs related to major energy systems and energy suppliers.  

In 2022, the district hired Allie Bridge Energy Solutions to develop an Energy Master Plan that identified near-term energy system needs, evaluated existing energy systems and captured the opportunities within an Energy Master Plan. The plan is aligned with the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Goal 3 to “strengthen safe, healthy, positive, and attractive learning environments and experiences for all learners” by specifically addressing both modernization and energy sustainability needs. The resulting data summaries identify Energy Conservation Measures by major category, based on useful life/ other end of life considerations, and identify resiliency risks for major equipment failure. With this information, the district developed near-term and long-term actions and compiled them in the Energy Master Plan in four main categories: energy efficiency, renewable energy, resiliency, and energy procurement. This aided in the improvement of the classroom environment and reduction of operational costs.