About Us

After more than two decades of successfully working for several leading Energy Services Companies (ESCOs), the COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity to explore serving the marketplace with more flexibility than a large company. Could we build an Energy Services Company as a woman-owned small business? What if we served the Government markets directly or teamed with large energy service providers as a capable and experienced small business partner?

In 2020, my co-founder and I established Allie Bridge Energy Solutions. With our complementary expertise, we initiated this woman-owned small business and named it after our daughters: Allison, Natalie, and Bridgette. Through unwavering commitment, we centered our firm on the pillars of flexibility and nimbleness, harnessing the expertise of an extensive network.

Our Business

We are a Los Angeles County-based general contracting and engineering firm, focused in Southern California with a reach throughout the state and western US. Our team is proficient in performance contracting, energy performance and engineering, requiring acumen in project technologies, and financial project packaging. Our endeavors span diverse horizons—providing services to California cities, school districts, engineering firms, and ESCOs. We provide end-to-end solutions as a licensed general contractor, with an ecosystem of strategic partnerships and subcontractors to drive exceptional outcomes.

We lead with expertise and cater to both public and private sectors, offering specialized assistance in ESPC, EPC, solar PPAs, public-private partnerships, design-build, and other funding delivery options for infrastructure projects. Our team is the foundation of our success.

Our team comprises of developers, engineers, business developers, and builders, each with decades of invaluable experience. Together, we are united in our commitment to making the best operational decisions for our client's organizations.

The broad range of services we offer:

  • Owners’ services through owner’s independent consulting for a successful ESPC project
  • Energy master planning and energy systems condition assessment
  • Program and project management
  • Technical project development support and solar project Utility interconnection services
  • Technical support for utility incentives

giving back

We believe we have a special responsibility to provide opportunities to others. We are passionate about education for students and created an internship program for underserved scholars who may not have access to valuable work experience. Allie Bridge has welcomed numerous interns from diverse backgrounds, each with their unique perspectives.

Looking ahead, we are enthusiastic to continue team enrichment through internship opportunities and foster the growth of minds that shape the future of the industry.