City of Fullerton

Our Role

City of Fullerton’s owner’s third-party consultant for ESCO procurement and owner’s project development support for City’s ESPC project with NORESCO.


In 2022, the City of Fullerton in California partnered with NORESCO, a leader in energy efficiency and infrastructure solutions, for an $8.4 million energy efficiency project that guarantees savings of $12.1 million. The project aims to reduce the city's carbon footprint, upgrade critical infrastructure, and create local jobs. It includes a ground-mounted and carport-mounted photovoltaic systems for renewable energy producing shaded parking with electric vehicle charging stations. The project also involves replacing outdated HVAC systems, energy-efficient lighting upgrades, and integrating smart city technologies. Additionally, it's expected to reduce the city's annual carbon emissions and create at least 50 local jobs through local subcontractors. This project achieves sustainability, economic benefits, and enhanced community well-being.  

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